All original photographs, images, artwork, logos, colors and graphcis are not owned by me. My artwork is often created from outside source photographs, images, and artwork as well as outside logos, colors and graphics. If there are any logos, images, characters, etc. that anyone would like removed or reworked, please contact me and I would be glad to do so.

Exploring all areas of art and design have allowed me to continually develop my skillset and style. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Graphic Design. Unlike the majority of designers amongst our program, my background came primarily from studio art. I have combined my love for art and the skills of a designer to establish a skillset which allows me to work between multiple programs and mediums.

I enjoy working on new projects and always keeping busy with a new challenge. In my spare time I constantly am learning new techniques to improve my style and variety of work. Portraits tend to be what I naturally gravitate towards but am very comfortable with any subject.

I am always open to working with people on any requests they may have. Feel free to contact me for details.
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